Sunday, November 9, 2008

Toby Keith Pictures Biggest Baddest Tour

September 13th 2008.
Julie and I went to "The Blossom Center" in Ohio to see Toby Keith's "Biggest Baddest Tour". It was quite a show. Charter's Cord opened the concert followed by Mica Roberts, and Trailer Choir made way for Montgomery Gentry who put of a fantastic show and TOBY Keith capped it all off with a couple hours of songs and crazy antics- typical Toby.
Julie got to spent the concert at the stage (we had 10th row middle section seats) Julie said "He's amazing". Actually I think he is a little crazy and really knows how to work the crowd (which consisted of a lot of funny drunks. I made quite a few layouts from the fun pictures we took at the concert.

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