Thursday, June 25, 2009

MORE Chris Young! CMA Fest 2009

I hear there is a request out there for more pics of Chris Young-- Well we have lots from CMA Fest 2009. These are from Chris's Birthday party in Nashville...

Chris at the River Front in Nashville- CMA Fest 2009- This was a terrific show Look at that cool shirt Chris is wearing!

If you want more Chris Young- scroll down to the next post....
I hope you enjoy the pics!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

CMA Fest 2009 **GO Chris Young!!** Terrific concerts! Brad Paisly, Dierks, Martina, Jason Lady A and more....

We like to see Toby in concert BUT..... We LOVE Chris Young HE should be the number 1 top of the heap Man of the hour! His voice and persona are in a league all their own.
Chris's new cd "The Man I Want to Be " is scheduled to hit the shelves in July and WE can't wait! We are hoping Chris comes with in 100 miles of Findlay soon. We need
a whole live concert again. We joked that Julie had turned CMA Fest into "Chris Young Fest". One of Julie's highlights was talking with Chris' mom Becky and going to Chris' 24th Birthday party.
Chris at the Riverfront..

Here are a few pictures from the night concerts at Liberty Field.

I have lots more to post! I just have to get some time to do it!

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