Monday, October 24, 2011

Another Concert...Luke Bryan--Tailgates & Tanlines

Have you heard of "Hobart Arena"? What as fun venue--some very funny (drunk) people
dancing..everywhere you look! Luke Bryan sure knows how to put on a concert- get everybody on their feet and make his audience SMILE!
I love his new single " I don't want this night to end"....

You got your hands up
You’re rocking in my truck
You got the radio on
You’re singing every song
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Luke treated us to some piano playing...
It's not all smoke and mirrors!
Luke came out into the audience (right by us) to sing his hit "Rain is a Good Thing"
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We had a GREAT time!!!

Adventure Awaits us!

  I love walking the beach and watching the birds scurry back and forth as the waves roll in. Thank you for visiting!!