Monday, January 30, 2012

Western Digital External Hard-drive

A couple of years ago I was told--you better back up your digital photos on an external hard drive..wish they had said DON'T buy a WESTERN is a 500gb with about 250gb of photos that I can't retrieve on it! according to data recover it will cost between $300-900.00 for recovery --NOPE not me. Luckily since I scrapbook everything has been printed and I can also go to the website that I have print my pictures and have disks burned--a heck of a lot cheaper than $300-900!
A word to be wise-- back up your external hard drive with another method... I am told it isn't a matter of IF the WD hard-drive fails it is WHEN it fails. ..even more ridiculous since it is only 3 years old and has been accessed less than 30 times!
The rep from WD said if it was under warranty he could offer me a replacement--and how would THAT help me? 1 I wouldn't use another of their product for anything other than a door stop and 2 I don't want another I want the pictures I have on this one!

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