Monday, May 6, 2013

Seeing RED ! The Taylor Swift RED tour Columbus Ohio

This is a  BIG surprise for if you know her SHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! she doesn't look at my blog and she has no idea about where we are going this week.
Her birthday --the BIG 20! Is coming up..and Wednesday she gets her present (shhhh) I am taking her shopping (she thinks) to Columbus, Ohio... sure we  will go to a few shops BUT the real reason for our trip is Taylor  Swift's  RED Tour!  May 8th at the Nationwide Arena!

Anyone know how I can get her an invite to the Taylor festivities??? She has been following Taylor since she (Julie) was 14. No one around here even knew who Taylor was! Julie begged for a guitar..watched every Taylor u-tube and any other Taylor video she could find --taught herself  to play the guitar and learned every song!!
If anyone can help me PLEASE email me at
She even did a huge essay and poster board on taylor for a lit project..everyone in class thought Julie was a dork..then 2 years later they were all talking about Taylor like they had always listened and adored!

We even do Taylor photo shoots :)

  photo IMG_0005-5_zpsc11fd7c7.jpg

Have a great day!

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