Tuesday, March 10, 2015

IRS Phone SCAM!!!

  Today I got a call from the IRS they left a message on my machine to return their call at 209-813-0138.  I was instantly on guard. We have our taxes prepared. I know all the information is correct. What could they possibly need? I returned the call.  The person who answered was- Sgt. Joseph Paul from the IRS.... ummm with a very THICK middle eastern accent. He claimed to be with the IRS. He asked for my name and I answered and then he said we needed to pay them NOW to avoid prosecution. He asked me for more information and I asked for his badge number. He hung up on me.
      From what I have read and the inquiries I have made the IRS will contact you via mail NOT via phone. DO NOT give these callers information.
Inform your friends and relatives of this  scam.

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