Sunday, September 13, 2015

Tylor Swift in concert. Columbus, Ohio

In my previous post I introduced Alex and told you bout his quest for a wheelchair accessible van.
Tonight I listed the 12x12 scrapbook layouts that I created from photos we took of the Taylor Swift RED tour concert. Here is a link to one of the ebay listings.
The following layouts are up for auction on Ebay.

2 of Alex's Clay creations are also up for auction.
 Meet Harvey
and Erve!

All about Alex- Raising funds for a wheelchair van.

  Many of you know we have a son who has cerebral palsy. Alex doesn't let his disabilities get in his way. Unfortunately a lot of barriers and inaccessibility do hinder things he would like to do and places he would like to go. Alex is in need of a wheelchair accessible van.  Sadly Alex is only able to work part time in a shelter workshop situation where he makes a few dollars each week. No where near enough to cover his actual needs, forget about wants. Luckily for Alex he lives with his parents (we love him and take good care of him).   Many people assume since Alex is 24 he should be on a waiver and that would help provide for his needs. Alex is on a waiting list for a waiver. He has progressed from number 135 to 118 over the last 15 years.  Alex and I (his mom) have been talking about ways to raise money for Alex's van. I don't work outside the home, I have to be here to care for Alex.
Here's Alex. Keep reading  to get to know a bit about Alex and his idea.

An interview with Alex
  • Q- What do you like to do in your free time?
  • Alex - I like to listen to music, paint, work with clay and play Play Staion games.
  • Q-  Who are your favorite singers?
  • Alex - Taylor swift, Toby Keith, Eric Church and Alter Bridge
  • Q- What is your favorite game?
  • Alex- Wrestling!!!!!  
  • Q- Who are you favorite wrestlers?
  • Alex- Kane, Rhino and Edge!  
  • Q- What is your idea to raise money?
  • Alex-  I want to make some of my clay creatures and I want you (me mom) to make scrapbook pages from the Taylor concert to sell. 
  Well here goes. Alex completed some creatures and I did a layout for each song from the Taylor Swift RED tour.  I took the pictures at the concert in Columbus, OH in May 2013.  I love taking pictures and scrapbooking so this was a fun way for me to help Alex. 
Below are the creatures  and  the next post will have the Taylor Swift RED tour concert layouts.
I am going to put them on EBAY to auction them and all proceeds will go into the account we have set up for Alex to save for his van.

 I plan on writing a future post of Alex's story. I has been a long and winding raod since the very beginning.

Thank you for taking the time to "listen" to Alex.  Please pass this along to anyone you think would be interested. 

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