Sunday, November 29, 2015

Alex started a Go Fund Me campaign for his wheelchair van

  Alex launched a new Go Fund Me campaign. We would love you to share the link to his campaign on your Facebook. You just never know who is going to see it and decide to help Alex.

  I decided to do a layout with the picture I took of him for his fundraiser. in the little booklet on the right I put his story. People are always asking him how he came to be in a wheelchair. He decided to tell his story on his Go Fund Me page.
  Here it is...

Hi. My name is Alex Finn. I live in Findlay, Ohio.
I need a wheelchair accessible minivan.
I have cerebral palsy and am a quadriplegic.

I work 3 days a week, 2 at Blanchard Valley Industries (I like working in the greenhouse and working the paper shredder). Fridays I go to KANDO art studios where I paint and work with little projects.
I am often asked why I have cerebral palsy. When I was born (I was 11 weeks early, doctors couldn't find a reason for that) the doctor in the delivery room made a very big mistake. Although I was doing fine he attempted to intubate me but he pushed the tube to hard and it went through my throat into my chest cavity, he didn't know he had done that and turned on the oxygen. The oxygen went into my chest and squeezed the air out of my lungs collapsing them. Another doctor came into the room to check on me and knew something was wrong, he figured out what it was and re-inflated one of my lungs and helped me breath until special team of doctors came to get me to try and fix the mess the first doctor made. Unfortunately the duration of the lack of oxygen left me with a traumatic brain injury known as cystic PVL which causes cerebral palsy. The damage is in my brain and affects my gross motor skills. I can not walk, sit unsupported, transfer, dress, toilet or move myself.
I have some use of my right hand and I like to use the computer and PlayStation.
People often say "Well I hope you sued the doctor."
Yes there was a malpractice suit. You would not believe how many things that are against the rules go on in our so-called legal system.
1st my lawyer told my mom right before she was going to testify that the judge said that mom couldn't tell that she had told the delivery room nurse she did not want the pediatrician on call to be in the delivery room . Mom knew he wasn't a good doctor and wanted the pediatrician she picked called. When mom spoke to her chosen pediatrician she said she would have come she was not called.
My lawyer had black and white proof--literally --someone in the birth hospital changed times on the records and the time was crucial but whoever changed the times forgot that a set of records had been sent with me to Children's hospital and that set had not been altered- My lawyer showed both sets to the jury. The doctor who hurt me was not even a board certified pediatrician- he had take and failed his boards more than once. A couple of weeks before I was born that same doctor was supposed to go to a class at the Children's hospital and practice intubation procedures on premies--he did not show up for the class.
The judge had Parkinson's disease and kept drifting off on the bench. At the end of the trial (because the judge was having trouble speaking) she had her new court clerk charge the jury --the clerk had never read the orders before and stumbled through them. when the jury went to deliberation she dismissed the 2 alternate jurors. The next day one of the remaining jurors went to the judge and told her that he needed to be dismissed because his job said they had to have him back-- that juror worked at the hospital that was involved in the lawsuit. That juror should not have been a juror on this case. Many other things went on during the ordeal, it reads like an episode of how to get away with malpractice. The verdicts-- Guilty of Negligence-ZERO damages.
How can that be? A juror told my mom--well the the judge can change that--we weren't sure how much to award. And anyway he has great parents he'll be fine.
WHAT??? No the judge couldn't. And besides the judge was friends with the hospital people. The hospital even gave her free meeting space for her Parkinson support group. And about the hospital--they offered my pediatrician "Chief of Pediatrics" a week before the trial.
Her testimony was not what had been expected at the trial. It was not what she had said during depositions.

That is the story of me.

I need a wheelchair minivan. I am lucky. I have people who will drive me but I need a vehicle that I can drive my wheelchair into so that I can go places.

Thank you for reading  about me.

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